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2019 Weddings and Events Trends

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

If you’re curious about the latest trends in weddings and home entertaining, we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen eight of our favorites.



Matchy, Matchy? Not so much.

It’s time to mix it up for weddings and events with décor, attire, cuisine, colors, and more. Relaxing style and color rules will appeal to everyone. Something magical happens when people are allowed to express themselves. For weddings, have bridesmaids wear different hues of the same color, different dress styles, or both. Even groomsmen are starting to ditch the look-a-like tuxedos and opting for casual suits of their own choosing. More people are mixing it up at the dinner table using varying styles and colors of dinnerware, glassware, and centerpieces.


Not Just for Pennies

In recent months, rose gold and copper place settings, centerpieces, drinking vessels, and décor replaced traditional metals for all types of celebrations. But, in 2019, copper will be edging out rose gold for top spot, and will be appearing on everything from wedding invitations, to vases, and even on cakes! After all, copper gives a warm feel to metallic…anything. Its earthy (but shiny) hue makes it a natural for those who are tired of silver and gold.


A Lot Less is Really More

Minimal is in. You’ll be seeing a lot less fussiness, and more elegant emptiness on everything from invitations to wedding dresses. A more classic, clean look is emerging, such as more simple and elegant lines on dresses, and lots of white space, bolder type, and less imagery on printed items. You’ll also see a minimalist – but classy – industrial vibe for décor.


In the Pantry Once Again

That’s where many mason jars (once vases) will be heading, according to predictions from wedding planners and pundits. Down-home shabby chic trends for weddings and events are being replaced with a more elegant, luxurious style. People are trading in their burlap bows and daisy bouquets, for more elegant…everything. From floral arrangements to high-end table linens, wedding couples and event hosts will be striving for a more refined vibe. But remember, trends come and go, and if your heart is truly rooted in country, be yourself and do…you.


Peek-A-Boo No More

You know that ‘first look’ tradition that began not too long ago, where the soon-to-be newlyweds take photos before the ceremony? Well, that trend is slowly slithering back into the shadows from whence it came. Why? Maybe it’s because seeing the look on your partner’s face at the alter, or waiting for the doors of your venue to open and getting that first glance at a stunning bride, are unforgettable moments in time. It’s the delighted gasp, the lump in the throat, and the moments that seem to stand still that are bringing back the tradition of not seeing your partner until the time of your wedding. But, if you’re not into surprises and enjoy the relaxed and practical approach (like being able to have wedding photos taken before the ceremony), embrace your choice to do so.


Please! Put Something on that Naked…

…Cake. The recent trend of serving your wedding cake sans frosting must not have set well with consummate cake lovers. They want their sweet, beautifully decorated cakes that make your special day feel sweeter than ever. Cakes being served at weddings and other celebratory events will also have more intricate frosting details and designs for a more elegant look. We say, bring on the buttercream.


Trinkets Out, Edibles In

More wedding couples and event hosts are skipping the cute (and sometimes tacky) favors. You can expect to see less trinket boxes and more edible goodies to snack on after the bash is over. Whether it’s an elegant take-along dessert, or a do-it-yourself treats and goody bag station, these tokens of appreciation will most likely be enjoyed much more so than a shot glass with the date of your wedding on (which will ultimately end up at your EVERYTHING IS 25¢ table at next year’s garage sale).


Power in Small Numbers

It may not be good news for florists, bridal stores, and tuxedo rental shops, but it’s great news for the wallets of best friends and relatives alike. Often, couples feels obligated to invite ALL of their friends to participate in the wedding party, so that no one will feel left out. Today, couples are opting for keep their wedding parties small and their wedding ceremonies more intimate. There will always be those who truly enjoy having 12 attendants lined up beside each of them at the alter, but get accustomed to seeing underwhelming numbers going forward and enjoy the quiet stillness filled with love.



Just as people change their minds and preferences, so do trends. We say do whatever feels right, as long as whatever you choose brings you joy. Whether your celebration requires matching peach bridesmaid gowns and baby’s breath in mason jars, or white linen and real crystal stemware, go for it. And, if you need some ideas when planning your wedding, visit us and meet our professional wedding planners. They’ll do everything they can to your wedding everything you want it to be. Call at Webster Golf Weddings and Events to schedule a tour. 585.265.1920, Ext. 3.