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Will Your Spring Wedding Party Wear Kale?

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

If you’re getting a mental image of layers of the healthy green stuff covering your wedding party, not to worry. We’re talking about the color Kale as suggested by the world of color, according to Pantone! Every year, fashion trendsetters voice their picks for the upcoming fashion colors that will be sweeping everything from office attire to runways. Weddings are no exceptions and 2017 spring color trends are sure to please just about every taste. These colors are taken from nature—some soft and others bold!

What colors aren’t on the list? You won’t be seeing any muddy, muted, or neon colors. Also missing are purples, reds, and high-contrast blacks and whites. There’s also a lack of dark browns and grays on this list. What colors are left? 2017 spring trends include a variety of colors inspired by nature that will please almost every taste and allow brides to choose colors for their wedding that make their hearts sing.



Primrose Yellow

This is a sunlit, bright, yellow that’s not too bold, not too pale. Primrose Yellow will brighten up any spring wedding and remind us of the new life of nature being born all around us. Can you imagine how fresh your wedding will feel with a myriad of brightly colored flowers paired with this luscious yellow?


Pale Dogwood Pink

If soft and pretty is your style, then you will be happy to learn that this beautiful, subdued Pale Dogwood pink is one of the stars of the Pantone 2017 spring fashion trends. This color will look beautiful when paired with softly colored flowers and accents. It is one of the more elegant colors that are trending and doesn’t scream spring, but whispers gently that warmer days are ahead.



Kale and Greens

What could be fresher than spring’s own colors of green for an April, May, or early June wedding? Those brides who can’t get enough of their ‘greens’ will love combining these colors with accents of fresh spring flowers. What a beautiful, calming wedding color—whether green is the feature color, or used as a backdrop for all types of spring flowers.


Island Paradise Blue

Peaceful blue Caribbean water and gentle warm breezes of summer months ahead are reflected in this 2017 spring color trend. Brides that would rather show their gentle cool blue personality will love this color. Soft floral bouquet choices would pair beautifully with this light aqua blue.



Flame Orange

A little too hot to be orange, too interesting to be a primary, and just earthy enough to go well with Kale and Greens, this color is not for the shy and reserved. This gorgeous color will wake up your guests and light up the energy of your entire wedding. For brides who want to set the tone for an exciting day or night wedding, you can bet that the dance floor will be on fire with Flame Orange.


Pink Yarrow

Too pink to be fuchsia, too deep to look juvenile, Pink Yarrow is a bold—yet feminine color that will make an energetic color statement. A mature form of pink, having this color as a feature player at your wedding will give the impression that your taste is feminine yet strong. This pink is no weakling. There are so many spring flowers that are proud to call this color their own. Will it be one your choices?



Hazelnut and Niagara

These two colors—warm Hazelnut and cool Niagara—are two of the most sophisticated, understated colors of this new 2017 spring pallet. These colors are beautiful on their own, but combining them would be an unexpected, yet harmonious color statement. Soft coral flowers and fresh soft greens would be perfect accents. Niagara is a relaxed, soft denim color, while Hazelnut is a soft warm beige—both taking their cues from nature.


Lapis Blue

A rich deep blue with the natural beauty of the lapis stone can add a bold and elegant touch to your wedding. It’s not screaming ‘royal’ and not behaving like a stuffy ‘navy’. It does say that you have sophisticated taste. Keep flowers and accents of the same understated color intensity in warm colors for contrast.



If any of these colors resonate with you, great. And yet, you instinctually know what colors make your heart sing. Whatever those colors and hues are, be true to your heart and soul. As long as you express the colors that are inside of you. We wish you a colorful wedding!



Spring Weddings at Webster Golf Club

Webster Golf Club is known for its lush gardens, quaint ponds, and a picturesque gazebo—a perfect backdrop for spring wedding photographs. Guests can stroll the meandering paths or relax inside in our newly renovated lounge and dining room. Should spring showers occur, we will make sure to bring the magic inside as we transform our dining room into a beautiful venue for your ceremony. Give us a call at (585) 265-1920, ext. 3, to schedule a tour.