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“A funny thing happened…”

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

We browsed the Internet and asked our friends for some of most ridiculous wedding mishaps and we were not disappointed. We’ve got three short stories for you that may put a smile on your face. If you’re planning a wedding and are worried that unexpected problems could crop up, you’re not alone. As in life, stuff happens at weddings that are out of our control. Instead of thinking it’s the end of the world, it’s really not in the grand scheme of life. Just try to go with the flow, hope for the best, and try to let imperfect moments roll off your back.


Cracklin’ Rosy

Our DJ was held up in the middle of an accident on the thruway. He was supposed to play ‘our special song’ as I walked down the aisle. David was waiting at the alter at the head of the church and my Dad and I were standing there with the bridal party not knowing what to do. My 89-year-old Grandma Rose came out to see if I had gotten cold feet or something. When she found out that we had no music, she shuffled off back inside the church and began to belt out a song, More, which was her wedding song back in the day. At first I was mortified listening to this little voice cracking in this huge church. But, when we opened the door a crack and saw her smiling with her chin held high as she sang, we knew what we had to do.

The doors swung open and we all proceeded to march down the aisle as if nothing had happened with Grandma serenading us. There was some applause, smiles, and happy laughter. It was the worst and the best part of our wedding.
Gail M.


The Sausage that Walked Down the Aisle

I had gained a few pounds before my final dress fitting, but I was determined to get into it without having it altered. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a sturdy body shaper that made me look like I was pretty buff and about 10 lbs. lighter. I was happy that I’d be able to fit into my wedding gown. The wedding day started out fine. I had it on during the ceremony, and while we greeted guests outside of the church, I kept getting compliments about how great I looked and how slim I was. I felt like I was cheating, but, hey…it was my wedding day so I just said ‘thanks so much’.

I got to the banquet hall and had a few hors d’ oeuvres, then a few cocktails, and a few more mini quiches (they were so good). I felt just fine. Then dinner was served and about halfway through I got this huge cramping in my stomach. My body shaper was making me sick. I excused myself and went to the ladies room, got in the stall and didn’t know what to do. I had to get this body suit thingy off, which took me about 5 minutes because it was sooo tight.

I’m sitting there on the toilet doubled over, I’ve got this girdle thing in my lap, I can’t put it back on, but if I don’t, I can’t get back into my wedding gown. I can’t even go and get anyone to help me, so I waited. I sat there for 10 minutes until the pains calmed down. Finally, someone came in to use the bathroom. I thought, “I’M SAVED.” So, I called out from the stall and asked if whoever was out there to come and help me.

The person outside my stall was my ex-husband’s new wife. The stanky girl he was messing around with while we were married. When I found out who was in there with me I said, “never mind.” Luckily my oldest daughter came in to find out where I was and together we worked on squeezing my fat butt into that awful straight jacket again. All night I felt like a 2 lb. sausage that was stuffed into a too-tight casing. Word got around about what had happened (I bet I know how) and I’ve never heard the end of it, even 6 years later.
Cindy S.


The Mike Show

My husband has always considered himself a singer. He sang with a wedding band for a year or two doing Frank Sinatra type songs, which is weird in a cool kind of way (I’m a rocker myself). I never quite was able to get the nerve to tell him that he sang a little off-key sometimes. It used to be so awkward for me to listen to him since I have a good ear for music and I felt like my ears were going to bleed the whole time he sang.

At our wedding reception, we hired some of my hubby’s old friends to play smooth jazz during dinner. Right before the bride and groom dance, my husband got on the stage area and had me sit in front of him all alone on a chair. He grabbed the microphone and proceeded to sing to me as a wedding ‘gift’. Everyone gathered round behind me ready to listen to his undying love for me. I prayed to God he would be able to sing on key in front of 175 of our wedding guests.

He started singing old crooner songs from the 60’s, one after another, after another. What I’d hoped to be just one song turned into the Mike Show. My embarrassment turned into a smoldering rage, while I sat there with a fake smile, all the while clenching my teeth and gracefully wiping the sweat off of my face with a cocktail napkin. When will it all end?

I got through it, he got the applause and attention he obviously needed and I made sure he was nowhere near that stage the rest of the reception. Luckily, he got a new job and didn’t have time to ‘croon’ with the boys in the band anymore. But, I have the wedding videos as a reminder for years and years to come about how my new husband tried to upstage the bride on our wedding day in the name of love. Lucky me.
Jenn R.



No matter what happens on your wedding, just remember this article and say to yourself, “things could be worse”. Our wedding planners will do everything they can to make sure your wedding goes smoothly. And, if there is a big ‘uh oh’ at your wedding, we’ll be there to clean up the mess and get everyone back into the festivities. Give us a call at Webster Golf Weddings and Events to schedule a tour. Call Dave Tiberio at 585.265.1920, Ext. 3.

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