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A Spring-Fresh Wedding

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

Living in the Northeast part of the country, spring is always a welcomed arrival. Winter has faded, buds and blossoms are on the trees, and beautiful colors burst from crocuses, daffodils, and a sea of tulips. Spring is synonymous with fresh new beginnings, so what an amazing time to become a bride. If you are thinking of a spring 2016 wedding, here are some ideas you may want to consider.


Color Schemes

It is best to decide on a color scheme, which you can carry throughout your entire wedding—from invitations to flowers, to bridesmaids’ dresses. If pastels are your passion, think of soft apricot, hydrangea blue, and rose pink. If your desire is to wake up the senses and cheer on spring with a burst of bright colors, think of bright colors sprinkled throughout your wedding scheme. Try citrusy greens, bright melon, golden yellows, purples with a pink hue, and turquoise\ blue. Want to really wake up your guests? Use an unexpected palette of bright bold spring colors paired with black or a dark contrasting neutral.


What to Wear

Spring weather can sometimes have a chill in the air. You may want to consider swapping out lightweight chiffons in favor of fabrics with a little more weight. Bridal gowns with sleeves are beginning to pop up in bridal salons, which may be a good choice. We also suggest adding warmer accessories, such as elegant wraps and shrugs. Elegant parasols or umbrellas will have heads turning as you elegantly float down the aisle. Flowers on dresses are trending, as are layers of ruffles that add texture and movement to skirts. If your wedding’s ‘personality’ is bold and bright, try having each bridesmaid wear a different tulip-inspired colored gowns, paired with stunning floral patterned heels.


Men’s attire can be traditional with classic light-colored linen tuxes—especially if pastels are your color scheme. Light taupe jackets with a bright pastel tie that matches your bridesmaids’ gowns are fresh, yet elegant. If you are going with bright spring colors, groomsmen with classic black tuxes and lime green ties will have everyone taking a second look at the men. Blue-blacks and berry-blacks will also be the color trends for dark neutrals in 2016.



Why not send your guests home with a little piece of springtime? Packets of flower seeds enclosed in spring colored chiffon bags is a perfect way for your guests to remember your wedding, long after the last song has played. Small clay pots with spring bulbs all tied up with a beautiful bow would be a fun favor. Of course, there is always potpourri in chiffon bags, but making your own from dried flowers can add a memorable touch.


The Venue

With our area’s unpredictable spring days, select a wedding venue with both indoor and outdoor options. A wedding venue that can accommodate the ceremony and a reception is a safe choice. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, be sure to plan ahead and ask if there is the option of having it indoors, if the weather is unusually harsh. Rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck by some cultures, so it’s best to have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, just in case.



For spring themed weddings, consider adding Gerber daisies, orchids, cherry blossom, snowdrops and crocuses to your bouquet. Spring flowers will be less expensive if they are in season at the time of your wedding, so plan ahead by calling florists with your ideas and see if they can accommodate the flowers that make your heart sing. Your bouquet can also be the inspiration for the color scheme of your entire wedding. Consider adding flowers to your invitations to tie the entire spring theme together.


Uniquely Spring

If you would like your wedding to have a spring theme throughout your wedding, think of using poems and songs that have spring or flower references. Add flowers to hand-made wedding invitations. Add flowers to your wedding dress and have flower girls gently toss spring petals down the aisle.



Spring Wedding Specials


Look for venues that offer special pricing or other perks. Webster Golf Club Weddings & Events is offering a May 2016 special offer for receptions. If $10 off per person and a complimentary wedding cake piques your interest, please call (585) 265-1920, ext. 3.