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Will Your Wedding Guests See RED?

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

Are you and your partner walking down the isle when the beauty of glittery snow graces the landscape? We’re all for traditions and bringing festive

Picking a color theme for your wedding is FUN and one of the least stressful aspects of wedding planning. What you may not realize is how color can affect the overall tone of your wedding. It can even affect your mood and those of your attendants and guests.

Studies conducted by psychologists and members of the scientific community have concluded that color can subconsciously affect emotions and states of mind—and some colors actually have an affect on your brain chemistry. We thought we’d put together a list of some of the more common wedding colors and what types of emotions they might evoke in the eye of the beholder. Read on and learn what messages your wedding colors may be sending.


PINK—It can’t make up its mind.

For the most part, pink is known to be a calming color and is associated with kindness, romance, and femininity. Although the typical pale pink is comforting and soothing, a vibrant hot pink can be joyful and stimulating. If a shade of pink is rather loud—like fuchsia—it can result in feelings of agitation and aggravating if used in excess. Yet, pink is one of the most common colors used in wedding themes, as it is seen as the ultimate symbol of softness and femininity. Just be careful when using a sweet candy-shop pink in massive doses and in all the wrong places—such as bridesmaids’ dresses that have ribbons and all things ‘poufy’. Guests might expect your wedding party to break out in a flash mob, tap dancing to a rendition of, “On the good ship Lollypop…”


Wedding BLUES? No worries.

If you’d like a low-key, relaxing wedding, then don’t be afraid to wear the blues. A light-to-medium blue color pallet can create a sense of calmness, serenity, inspiration, and reflection. After all, blue is associated with the heavens and is often used as a spiritual color for that very reason. There are many shades and intensities of blues, with some shades that are not necessarily chill. Bold and bright shades can bring a sense of excitement. These more saturated brighter blues can also send the message, “We’re a friendly and approachable bunch”. Darker shades of blue with less color saturation may convey reliability, sensibility, sophistication, and security. Blue is also highly attractive to males, no matter which shade of blue you choose. Aqua blues are refreshing and bring to mind water, fun, and the tropics—even if you’re having a winter wedding. Using aqua is actually a great way to brighten up the gray skies of the colder months.


GREEN—It likes to get fresh.

When using the color green as the dominant color in your wedding, you are sending a message of all things natural, freshness, growth, and harmony. Green can also symbolize health, balance, and fertility (which isn’t a bad thing if you’re trying to manifest babies in the near future). Blue-greens and teals add a calming element to the color green since it has blue as a color component…especially when these colors are soft and have a lighter tone to them. When lime greens and bright teals are invited to the wedding, they bring excitement and energy to the party. On the other hand, when greens are dark and rich in color, it can give your wedding a deep forest, outdoorsy vibe. When greens are dark and muted or less color saturated, your wedding can take on a more serious tone, since these greens are typically associated with money and finances—which may not be a bad thing. Who knows? Guests may have the urge to slip a little more of the green stuff in your wedding card envelope!


RED-hot wedding!

Do you have one of those passionate, fiery, spitfire types of personalities? If so, why not turn up the heat on your wedding day and go with a color-rich red theme? Using the color red in your wedding can create a sense intense energy, sensory stimulation, excitement, and love. Red is powerful and passionate which will lend a real WOW factor to your wedding day. Imagine seeing an entire wedding party in beautiful flaming-red gowns walking before you down the aisle. Then, the guests fall silent in awe when an angel in white carrying a bouquet of red roses suddenly appears. Ahhh. See what we mean? Red can also have a negative affect on your guests if used in excess. Too much red in every corner of the room can give off a sense of danger and urgency. It can provoke feelings of anger and agitation so use red wisely on your wedding day.


Why ORANGE you happy?

If you want to add a big dose of happiness to your wedding, the color orange is a good way to do so. It has the same excitement and stimulation as the color red without the intensity. Orange is an invigorating color and can add positive energy and FUN to your wedding. Orange is also thought to be comforting, and youthful. If your goal is to have a more elegant wedding, orange may not be a great choice. Toning down a pure orange to more of a salmon or coral can add the sophistication you may be looking for. Then there’s peach—the soft, peaceful, and soothing cousin of orange family. Using peach as your main color theme will give your wedding a soft, sweet, and elegance.


Is your YELLOW mellow?

Yellow is sunshine and lemons, happiness and positivity. Right? Not always. Did you know that an intense yellow is used excessively within an environment can activate the anxiety center of your brain. The result is likely to produce feelings of fear, agitation, and nervousness. Yikes. On the positive side, when yellow is used in the right amount and with shades that are less harsh, it will always be the quintessential color symbol of optimism, joy, creativity, and youthful energy. Confused? So is yellow. Lemon yellow can actually help raise self-esteem if exposed to it over time. Pretty nifty. Soft pale yellows are easy on the eyes and can uplift spirits. Golden yellow includes a red component, which makes it the warmest of all yellows and the most comforting. When yellow is used along with green, it takes on a spring-like freshness, perfect for nature lovers. Whether you like your yellow mellow or screaming with joy, it will never be boring.


PURPLE—A color meant for a queen.

If your goal is to add an air of royalty to your wedding, (or you just want to remind everyone that you’re the Queen for a Day), then purple may be a good choice to use as your color theme. Purple is also associated with spirituality and the Devine (heavenly royalty, that is). Using rich purple in your wedding can add an air of elegance, luxury, and extravagance. For a more mysterious and magical tone, try using deep, dark purples. If you want your wedding day to exude romance and sweetness, a delicate light purple or lavender would be lovely.


Is GRAY really a Gloomy Gus?

Most people associate gray skies as a negative. Actually, gray is a neutral color, and can add a formal tone to your wedding day. Gray is a lighter form of black, which is the ultimate color of sophistication and elegance. The negative side of gray is that when it is used in excess for your color pallet, it can create a feeling of gloominess and sadness, which may send guests home with an urgent craving for a pint of Haagen Das and a spoon. What’s the remedy? Add some bright, uplifting accent colors in your flowers, décor, and table linens. Doing so will allow gray to become an elegant neutral backdrop for your overall wedding theme.




We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about color and how it can enhance the mood you are trying to set for your wedding. Remember that color is a personal choice and if it makes YOU happy, then any color is the BEST color for your wedding. At Webster Golf Weddings & Events, we can help you set the color mood of your reception with a variety of colored up-lighting choices and linens. Call us today to set up an appointment at (585) 265-1920, Ext. 3.