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5 Non-traditional Wedding Ideas

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

If you have the type of personality that loves anything unexpected and unique, you may want to create a wedding that speaks to your soul. With so many traditional wedding ceremonies and expected reception rituals, we thought you might like to consider one these five non-traditional wedding ideas. If nothing else, you just may be entertained.

1. Invite Your Hairiest Friends

How fun would it be to include your pets in your wedding ceremony? Many venues will allow pets (you just have to search a bit). If you have a male dog, you can purchase a dog tuxedo—he can even act as the ring bearer. You’ll have to be creative in finding a way to secure the wedding rings to your furry friend, but it can be done. Your male companion can even be the one to give the bride away if there is a vacancy for that position. If your best friend is a female cat or dog, and you won’t be bothered by shrieks of delight during your ceremony, have her dressed like one of the bridesmaids. A local seamstress can match the color and some of the style from your human bridesmaids’ dresses. Adorn her with flowers attached to her harness or collar, give her a headpiece (if she doesn’t shake it off), and she may just be the envy of bridesmaids and guests alike.

2. Creatively Unique Wedding

Hire a local artist than can do expressive paintings or pastels. He or she can create a totally romantic wedding invitation that reflects your theme or personality. At your wedding ceremony, have your artist sketch vignettes of various scenes from your ceremony in a montage style. The finished artwork can be displayed at your reception, then hung on your wall after your wedding. What a beautiful and artistic remembrance of that special day. At the reception, you might want to hire a lively caricature artist. Have him or her create sketches of the bridal party (as a gift for them), then for guests. In exchange for your guests’ portraits, ask them to donate whatever they like to the ‘Honeymoon Fund’. Use a brightly colored box with sketches depicting your getaway destination.

3. A Piñata with a Purpose

Skip the traditional guest book and purchase a piñata (or make one yourself) that makes you happy or echoes your wedding theme. There are beautiful flower piñatas or pick a totally outrageous, non-traditional one. Cut a slit at the top, then create a sign to place next to it at the reception with a small note pad and colorful pens. The instructions on the sign are for your guests. The sign might say,

Anniversary Piñata
This is our Guest Book.
Drop a heartfelt note, prediction, joke,
or sage advice in the piñata for
(insert bride and groom’s name).
They will pop it open
1 year from today.

4. An Amusing Photo Op

hen it’s time to take your wedding photos of the bridal party, throw tradition out the window and head to your favorite amusement park. Bouncy house photos can be fun and quite unique. How about an exciting ride on the Ferris Wheel for some of your more spontaneous photos, as long as your photographer isn’t afraid of heights. And, for the dare devil bride and groom, give your photographer a motion sickness pill, then head to your favorite car on the roller coaster.

5. Books and Books of Sage Advice (Maybe)

Imagine rustic handmade books filled with blank sheets of paper, bound by ribbons and placed on each dinner table at your wedding reception—along with decorative feather pens. Give your guests the opportunity to share their wisdom about how to navigate the ins and outs of marriage by jotting down their wisdom (or funny anecdote). The cover can be hand written with scroll designs with the words: ‘Advice for the Bride & Groom’. You just may be surprised at the creative messages you will receive and enjoy for many years. Hopefully, they will be G rated, but you never know…


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