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To Blush or Not to Blush?

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

Looking stunning on your wedding day is no accident. A savvy bride-to-be will plan ahead and even practice her makeup application long before for her ‘big day’. Making sure you are totally prepared with your makeup colors, look, and application will help you feel more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

When Beauty Truly is ‘Skin Deep’

Months before your wedding day, be sure that your skin is in its best condition as possible. Treat yourself to refreshing facials, exfoliation, and deep conditioning treatments. Think of your skin as a blank canvas. Even artists who paint on actual canvas have to prepare it…they treat the canvas before creating their masterpieces to make it incredibly smooth so that the paint will apply and blend evenly. The same is true for your skin. Having a skin care regimen with quality products will go a long way in making your skin (and you) glow on your wedding day.

What ‘Look’ Do You Envision?

Close your eyes and visualize yourself on your wedding day, hair coiffed to perfection, a beautiful wedding gown, and a face that exudes…what? What do you want your ‘look’ to convey about you? Do you see yourself with a dramatic look? Do you want your look to be Hollywood glam? Are you envisioning a fresh, natural look? Or, something in between? Once you have decided how you’d like your wedding day makeup to look, share your vision with your beauty professional or whoever might be assisting you with your makeup application on your wedding day. If you are applying your makeup yourself, at least you will have had time to research online examples of the look you are envisioning, have made a decision, and can plan accordingly.

Consider the Time and Place

The venue you have chosen for your wedding ceremony and the time of day it will take place should be considered in selecting makeup colors, application, and special accents. A beach wedding may call for using a bronzer and sun-kissed makeup colors. An elegant evening wedding will make a more dramatic makeup look more appropriate. Is a casual country wedding in your future? What a perfect opportunity to wear a more natural, minimal, fresh-faced makeup look.


You’ve decided on your makeup look for your wedding day. You’ve ripped out countless magazine photos of close-ups of blushing brides. You’ve made the decision of who (if anyone) will apply your makeup or assist you in applying it the day of your wedding. Before too long, you might want to consider doing several test-runs with whoever will be applying your wedding day makeup, to discover what will look best on you. Whether you are meeting with a beauty professional at a department store or having your friend (who luckily just graduated from cosmetology school) practice on you in the comfort of home at the kitchen table, you will want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Wear a white t-shirt to see what your makeup will look like against a light background (your wedding gown)
  • Try to mimic the same lighting that will be present at your wedding ceremony. For example, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, have your makeup artist come to your home during the day where there will be natural light streaming through your window.
  • If you plan on tanning before your wedding, make sure you are tanned during your pre-wedding makeup test to see how the makeup colors you’ve chosen will look against your tan.
  • Bring the photo references you’ve collected of makeup looks that appeal to you and explain to your beauty professional what it is that you like best about the makeup look on the model.
  • Be prepared to change your mind about the look you’ve selected. Although you may show your beauty consultant a photo of a Kardashian in full-lipped, heavy eye-lined glory, that same look may appear too harsh for your complexion and natural beauty.

Special Effects for Your Special Day

  • If you’ve never tried wearing man-made eyelashes, now may be a good time to broaden your horizons. Practice a month or so before your wedding day with several types of faux lashes. Try using individual eyelashes, which will be more natural looking than a full strip of lashes. Your eyes will look feathery and beautiful and make your eyes sparkle.
  • Your eyebrows deserve special attention on your wedding day. They can make or break your overall look on your wedding day. If you’ve never had them professionally groomed, try visiting a brow grooming professional prior to your wedding day.
  • Try using a facial finishing spray to keep your makeup looking as fresh as when you first applied it. You can also use individual primers for your face, lips, and eyes, if spraying your face with a fixative doesn’t appeal to you.
  • Lips need a smooth surface for them to look luscious and photo-ready. Exfoliate your lips with a product made specifically for lips so that dry, neglected lips will look moist and smooth even after lip color application.
  • A little sparkle and/or highlighting on your cheekbones (and other areas of your face), along with just the right amount of blush, can help give you that special bride’s glow. You might even hear someone whisper from the adoring crowd, “She really does look like a beautiful blushing bride!”


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