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Marriage Proposals for All Seasons

Gloria Kreitzberg // Marketing Director

Are you hoping that your partner will pop the big question soon, but he/she just hasn’t quite gotten around to it? Maybe someone needs a little inspiration. This article just may be what’s needed to give a gentle nudge to get the job done. We are sure you will find a subtle way to ‘leak’ this article to just the right person! Webster Golf Club is please to present some seasonal and unique proposal ideas that will hopefully spark your partner’s imagination. .



Winter is as good a time as any.

The winter holidays are one of the most popular times to pop the question. Although, we think your spouse to be can be a little more creative than hanging an engagement ring from the bow of a tree or bush on a holiday. You would be expecting it, right? Instead, how about a crisp winter stroll in the park at night, where a friend of your romantic proposer has placed LED candles in the shape of a heart in the snow (and a bouquet of red roses in the middle)? The accomplice can conveniently hide behind a tree to keep watch on the glowing heart in case a mischievous fawn decides to tamper with it. Staying closer to home on a cold night is nice too, especially if there was a surprise in back yard…holiday lights spelling out “MARRY ME” (and it wouldn’t hurt if they twinkled). A daytime walk to a snowy hill with the proposal written in the snow, a snowman in the yard with a sparkly diamond ring under his hat, or a toasty bonfire and a S’more with a ring peeking out between the layers are even more wonderful ways to warm up a winter proposal.


Tulips, and Robins, and Raindrops, Oh My!

Springtime is a time when nature is waking up all around us. If you are waiting for a proposal from your partner after the snow melts, spring fever may be on your side. A keen person will take advantage of the beautiful spring blooms, the clean fresh air, the sound of returning geese high above you, and the sunshine that might have been hiding during the snowy months. Love is in the air and a fresh backdrop for a spring proposal would be planning the proposal outside in nature. A nice walk on a warm misty day under an umbrella overlooking the water would be a memorable proposal (then later you could dance with delight in the rain). If you are a person who loves to take nature hikes, a vista overlooking a valley with just the perfect rock for kneeling is also a romantic scenario. If flowers are your passion and the weather is inclement, an indoor botanical garden with the aroma of blooms surrounding you can be a beautiful romantic setting for that all-important question. If you celebrate Easter, we’re confident that an egg hunt in the backyard with a diamond surprise in a gold-painted egg would light up your holiday.


Summer Romance is On Your Side

Sun, sand, and romance. They all go together perfectly, and a secluded part of your favorite beach is a wonderful way to spell out a heart-felt marriage proposal, complete with flower petals, champagne and 2 crystal fluted glasses for toasting, and a single closed scallop shell with a special ring sitting pretty in a mound of sand will be a surprise you will never forget. Of course an accomplice is required for this, but we’re confident it can be orchestrated beautifully. Speaking of orchestration, a violinist in a tuxedo could be waiting patiently in the car and can slowly walk to your message in the sand at just the right time. Ahhh…can you picture it? (Let’s hope your partner is getting a few good creative ideas by now.)


Falling Leaves and Proposals

Many of you are fans of football and watch the game with your partner on chilly fall weekends. There is a new trend to have a pizza delivered with a message of love. Some spell out “WILL YOU MARRY ME” in sliced pepperoni, green peppers, or olives. Others request that the pizzeria shape the pizza into a heart with your own personal message that you’ve written on the inside of the top of the box. If you and your partner carve pumpkins together, imagine your surprise as you are scooping out the seeds and there happens to be a ring hiding. Messy? Yes. Unexpected? Definitely. A more romantic autumn proposal could take place while on a winery tour at a destination that has a scenic view overlooking a vineyard. After a few wine tastings, you will may be in a dreamy mood, which may make the proposal even sweeter. (Let’s hope your partner doesn’t let you get too dreamy or you may forget that you just got proposed to.)


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